February, 2013

Rachel Stoltzfus – Author

Rachel Stoltzfus was born and raised in Lancaster, Pennsylvania as part of a loving Mennonite community. She has always been a writer, quilter and lover of books. She began to write Amish romance fiction as an alternative look into the Amish community wanting to present a fair and honest represntation of a love that is romantic, sweet and at times, humorous. She has continued to write about problems which are universal to young people in love and how they overcome these situations as they explore their world. Rachel is a very private person and works with her friend and fellow writer, Maya Sheppard to bring her Amish characters to life. She is always grateful for reviews and feedback as it gives her a roadmap to improving her future works. She is currently working on the Living Amish series that takes place in the fictional community that deals with very real problems in an Amish way. In her books, she refers to the Revised Pennsylvania German Dictionary by C. Richard Beam which is the official dictionary of the Pennsylvania Dutch language, and encourages anyone who wants to learn more about this beautiful language to invest in. It doesn't come digitally; like the Amish reliance on non-electric things, it can still be read in paperback form.  

French Onion Soup Recipe

Short, sweet and to the point, A B Mac's recipe for french onion soup is perfect for this time of year. I thought I would include it in our Kindle titles, because everybody loves a good, bowl of soup in the winter time. A B Mac shares her reasons for giving away her soup making secrets: When I have to think of something to prepare when I get home from work, that is very tiring. After a long day, I am not very motivated to try to decide and prepare something. This idea has really helped me and I hope it will help you as well. I'm sharing 1 recipe at a time with you because when I sit down to look through a cookbook, I can get easily overwhelmed by too many choices. This series of 1 recipe with all the steps and suggestions that you can put with it will save you time. Easy to make while you are at work and simple to finish the preparation when you get home so you have the evening to complete projects or relax. I hope you will enjoy this quick easy recipe that is cooking while you are at work. A few very quick additions and you can sit down, relax and enjoy your dinner. Sorry, you do have to do the cleanup and dishes, but even that is simple. So, there you have it. You can get this recipe quickly and easily at French Onion Soup recipe. Leave some feedback of how you like it.

Kiera Zane's New Novel – The Zombie Shuffle: Quiver

In the not so distant future (like the day after tomorrow), Randi Andrews lives in a world inhabited by frozen zombies who come alive and kill without warning or provocation. There hasn't been a full on zombie attack in years, but that could change at any moment, and people living in cities are acutely aware of the danger just like they know about hurricanes and earthquakes. But, believe it or not, a zombie apocalypse is the least of Randi's problems. She's a genius numbers cruncher who's being hired by Philadelphia's ruthless mafia leader. She's also being pursued by a mysterious man who she finds both attractive and menacing. He's asking her to help him bring down her new boss, and her quandary is further complicated by zombies quivering. It's exciting stuff, and I thought I'd give you an excerpt of my latest creation, just to wet your appetite. Be sure and sign up to be informed when I release book one in the Zombie Shuffle series. Here's an excerpt from my latest novel, The Zombie Shuffle: Quiver One day, after a long interview with a local bank, I walked down the street exhausted and frustrated. The interview had been a disaster with the bank president all but telling me to keep looking for another job in another bank, maybe in another city. What had started as a decent interview, quickly degenerated into a groping match in the president’s office. What a farce. I was absorbed totally in replaying that crappy interview slash get-your-hands-off-my body session, so I didn’t notice right off that a car had slid to stop beside me and inched forward as I walked. I was startled out of my reverie by a man blocking my way as the car slid to a stop. It was black, long and shiny – the car, I mean, not the man. He wasn’t half bad to look at either save the long, ugly scar that ran the length of his left jaw just under the eye to the jawbone. He had bluish grey eyes, dirty blond hair and might be considered attractive if he smiled, but he didn’t smile. Opening the back door of the car, he motioned me to get in. Are you fucking kidding me? I looked at him, and he gave me the most serious of expressions. This was not a voluntary invitation. I continued to gape at

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Review: How To Promote Your Book – Offline & Online – Vol. 2

Welcome to Volume #2 of How to Promote Your Book Online & Offline by Dr. Leland Benton. Just to catch you up, I have outlined what Volume 1 of this series included. If you've read any of Dr. Benton's books, you'll find them to be not only comprehensive, but helpful and unique. It is definitely NOT rehashed crap from every other writer out there. Dr. Benton reveals things that people have quietly figured out and are using to accomplish amazing things. Volume 1 included the  following: Marketing & Promotions Checklist EPUB Publishing Formats Quantcast Backlinks Promo Book Trailers Author Central Book Tours Audiobooks Translations Proof-reading & Editing Email Marketing Mobile Marketing Automated Postcards Pay Per View Social Media Marketing The Most Important Publishing Platforms. Volume #2 describes the strategies and techniques I have never revealed before and they are designed for self-publishing authors; everything from how to promote your book, how to market your book, how to publicize your book, how to promote your book online, ways to promote your book, self publishing, to sell your book. Like volume #1, this book is dedicated to the promotion and advertising of any ebook or printed book. I use all of the techniques described in this book and so should you. If you do, you will literally see an explosion in your book sales virtually overnight. My review sums up how I feel about Leland Benton's new series of books: Leland Benton has done it again with his second volume in promoting your book for small press publishers. I've been following this series, and have found more tips and strategies to move forward with my online and offline promotions. If you read nothing else in this book, and I suggest you read the whole book, read the chapter on The Amazon Hookup. I was amazed, and immediately made an investment that will help my book promotions considerably. What people have figured out never fails to make me go OMG!!!! This book has more than the Hookup, lots more, but I can run with that one alone and see an instant bump in eyeballs on my books. That's why I love Leland Benton's books; each one has pearls of wisdom explained in an actionable way that you can use to see results quickly. Get Your Copy of How To Promote Your Book: Offline & Online by Dr. Leland Benton -- Maya Sheppard

Rave Reviews for The Amish Love Story Megabook

The Amish Love Story Megabook begins with the story of  18 year old Jenny King. She’s a typical Amish girl who has started to find success as a quilt maker, having been commissioned by an outsider (an “English” in Amish parlance) to create quilts for his Philadelphia shop. However, that’s not the only new development in her life; she has also begun to see 20 year old Jacob Lapp a kind-hearted, hard working farmer who has asked Jenny’s parents for permission to court her. It’s not as idyllic as it might sound, however – there is drama even here. Jenny is worried about Jacob’s sister, who has been exiled from the community for attempting to slander teacher Annie Fisher and steal from the classroom. At the same time, she’s seeing her best friend possibly starting to move on, having been recently engaged to Mark Stolzfus. If you’re a fan of Christian romance fiction, Amish romance fiction or simply a fan of romance fiction in general, you should seriously consider picking up the new Amish Love Story series. If you liked J.F.B. Spredemann’s Amish by Accident, then the Amish Love Story Megabook is definitely for you;  sweet and heartwarming, this a book sure to appeal to any fan of the genre. I thoroughly enjoyed the Amish Megabook. It consists of three intertwined stories which give readers a glimpse at life (and love) in the Amish community. At its core is the tale of the ups and downs of a young Amish couple’s growing relationship, with twists including the machinations of people outside of the community and of course, the universal experience of coming of age. Highly recommended.

Living Amish – Rachel Stoltzfus' Newest Story

Living Amish is Rachel's latest short story. Here's the storyline: Rachel and Mary have been best friends since childhood. When Mary decides to leave the Amish community with Jacob, she is determined to get her best friend, Rachel to join her. Mary is used to getting her own way, and Jacob is willing to do anything to keep her happy including kidnapping! Find out what happens when Mary sets into motion a juggernaut that could result in her excommunication and Shunning by the community, and the possibility that Jacob will go too far in getting Rachel to leave against her will. You won't want to miss this one. This may be a short story, but it keeps your attention from beginning to end, and I found it to have a fair amount of suspense as well as good writing. Way to go, Rachel

Amish Love Story Megabook Is #1 on Amazon

Sometimes Stories Just Touch You That's the way these Amish novels touched me. I loved the three stories by Rachel Stoltzfus. Her Amish Romance series is heartwarming, touching and very genuine. I was struck by how realistic her scenes are, and how vivid the characters are. I can't wait for her to write something else. She clearly knows the Amish lifestyle and it comes through in her writing.... Three stories combined into a great trilogy: - A Simple Love - Simple Pleasures - Simple Harmony

Kiera Zane's First Novel Has Been Released

Outfoxing Murder A beautiful Russian spy, a powerful US Senator, the KGB & the Mafia meet and mix it up. Who Will Survive Is Anybody’s Guess! Aleksandra Zolotov is taken from her family home in Siberia, USSR, and forced to become a spy for her country. She is trained, brutalized and sent to America to spy for Mother Russia. But her handlers don't know about the secret power she keeps carefully hidden. When she meets her target, she already knows that he is the man of her dreams and that if she's lucky, he will be able to save her from certain death. And, in the process, he will save himself and his country during the turbulent times when world domination is at stake and everyone is a player or pawn. *warning* contains mature content
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