November, 2014

Exclusive Interview with J K Rowling

An introduction with J K Rowling. Was there a particular person who inspired you to become a writer. Alan Quilter, to whom Only Time Will Tell is dedicated he was my English teacher at school. I enjoy writing short stories, although they have no connection with each other. I come up with stories inspired by people I meet, something that has happened, or even from a passing comment someone has told me. I have learnt a great deal from your own distinguished storyteller, R K Narayan. Fear is part of the fundamental core of human existence, as connected to the basic functions of survival and the psyche as the survival instinct or the need to mate. Fear and anxiety, therefore, are among the staples of any genre that deems itself fit to entertain the masses, an art form to be mastered in the hands of a true artiste. Fear, dread, and anxiety are all integral components of any successful horror story, for example, but not everyone who writes horror manages to get the mix of the important elements. His works have inspired terror and anxiety in many individuals, primarily through the use of heavy psychological tones, as opposed to the gore and blood themes used and abused by writers of his time. Poes collected works easily counts as some of the most frightening material ever written, especially now, in an age where horror movies are relegated to two hours of bloodshed and senseless violence, lacking any true horror and relying solely on shock value to appear scary. Poe also stands out as being among the few who can make even the most mundane things seem utterly terrifying, a feat emulated by Stephen King and several Japanese horror authors, but never truly duplicated. In a completely different vein of horror from his predecessors, and arguably creating a sub genre of horror through his works, H. P. Lovecraft also stands out. His works, while lacking in humanity, are difficult to see as anything but terrifying, particularly because of the apparent lack of humanity in them. In contrast to writers of previous generations, Lovecraft focused more on the truly monstrous, ignoring the human element that most horror writers tended to insert into their works since the days of the Gothic era. His stories were littered with monsters that knew neither morality nor mercy, seeing humanity as insignificant insects and, in Lovecrafts malignant world

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A Lancaster Amish Love Story for Jacob

A Lancaster Amish Home for Jacob Book 7 When Philadelphia teen Jacob finds himself in love, what will it mean for his future and that of his new Amish family? Still feeling horribly out of place in his new Amish home of Hope Crossing,Philadelphia teen Jacob finds himself falling head over heels in love with Elizabeth, a newcomer from Tennessee who moves to Hope's Crossing with her family. Meanwhile, Jacob's Amish sister, Sarah is neck-deep in problems of her own when she hosts a book club using questionable content. Can Sarah keep her secrets, or will the book club spell the end of her reputation? Will Jacob's fledgling relationship with Elizabeth blossom into something special? And what's causing the horrible noise outside the Mast residence every night...and what does all of this mean for Jacob's future in Hope Crossing? Find out in Book 7 of the Amazon Bestselling series, A Home for Jacob.  
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