About Rebecca Price

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About Rebecca Price

Pennsylvania native Rebecca Price’s fascination with plain living began in high school when she made friends with a local Mennonite girl. Together they shared their dreams as they practiced making clothing by hand. Rebecca found herself deeply touched by the strong community ties and deep faith that she saw in her friend’s family. Though Rebecca left home after marrying her high school sweetheart, Michael, she kept the lessons of her Mennonite friend in her heart. Now, the mother of three beautiful girls, she’s found through self-publishing a chance to bring her own stories to life on the page. For Rebecca, faith is the foundation of her writing, and she prays that her work is able to inspire others to live and love in the light of the abundant blessings of the Almighty.

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Lancaster County Dilemma
Trapped in the prison of her parents' grief, sixteen-year-old Emma Lapp is ready to take drastic action to forge her own path -- but when she is given the freedom she craves, will she have the strength to stand up for her own values and her own love?

After her older sister’s tragic death during her rumspringa, sixteen-year-old Emma Lapp is caught between her parents’ over-protectiveness and her need to forge her own path. Isolated, resentful, and misunderstood,

Emma confides in Michael, her best friend and secret admirer, as she makes plans for her ultimate rebellion. But when Emma’s simple solution threatens both of their futures, will she have the faith to stand up for her own values? Or the strength to hold onto her love?

Find out in Book 1 of the Lancaster County Dilemma Series./

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Lancaster Amish Secrets
When a young woman's love brings to light a terrible secret, will the truth destroy her family or save it?

Hannah and Abram Schroeder are forever relegated to play second fiddle to their older, cherished sister Rebecca. Abram escapes through learning to juggle, while Hannah's peace comes only through baking her special Whoopie Pies, which she and her brother sell at the local market.

But when Hannah finds love and starts courting against her parents' wishes, a terrible secret is brought to light, setting her on a collision course that will change all of their lives forever. Can Hannah, through faith, mend her broken family without sacrificing her own fragile chance at love?

Find out in Book 1 of the Lancaster Amish Juggler series.
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A Child's Wish
When Amish teen, Emma Lapp, on a day trip to New York City, gets lost on the subway and enlists the aid of an Englischer child, will this chance meeting spell the start of a perfect day or utter disaster?

When sixteen-year-old, Emma Lapp's overprotective daed gives Emma permission to join the deacon's wife and a group of friends (including the man Emma is courting with, Michael Stoltzfus) on a day trip to New York City, Emma is overjoyed. But when Emma gets lost on the New York City subway and enlists the aid of an Englischer child who is just as lost as she is, will this chance meeting spell the start of a perfect day or utter disaster?

Find out in A Child's Wish, Book 2 of the Lancaster Amish Dilemma series.


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