Amish Fiction

Amish fiction has seen a spike in popularity in recent years. When the genre started being noticed in 1997 at the time Bethany House’s The Shunning hit commercial success, it got a boost in popularity. The dawn of e-books has helped Amish romance novels written by Christian women reach a wider audience. Many of these self-published writers have garnered the interest of Christian Publishers.
Amish romance novels offer a religiously acceptable view on religion and courtship. In these books, authors avoid the use of sexual references and any form of physical intimacy. The focus is on the growth of actual love in a romantic sense. In contrast, the modern romance genre differs from Amish fiction as it features heavy amounts of passion and physical intimacy, all while sacrificing true romance. To further differentiate themselves from traditional romance novels, the Amish fiction writers keep general tones and themes at a level that young adults can also read them.
The Amish community largely takes offense at many of the themes in these works. The problem is the lack of understanding in regards to their theology. Being written largely by Christian women, these Amish romance novels focus heavily on Christian views rather than the views of the community they revolve around.
Don’t think just a few hundred people are picking up the latest works by their favorite authors either. While indie writers who haven’t made a name for themselves have sold one or two copies, you’ll find major names sell big numbers. Traditionally, people like Beverly Lewis sell at least 100,000 copies when they release a new title in one of their series. That equates to a considerable income for publishers and it shows the popularity of this niche.
Some great works are still available among the Amish romance novels that can give you some insights into the community while providing you with wholesome romantic reading. Some even have Mennonites, Shakers and Puritans in the mix. They include the following titles:
Each of these authors also have a number of works available beyond these titles. If this is a genre you are passionate about, you will be able to locate plenty of Amish fiction titles. While there are quite a few in paperback and hardcover, there is an incredible number also available on the Kindle. Take the time to explore some of the new and established authors in the genre and start your own romance in this incredible genre.
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