Rave Reviews for The Amish Love Story Megabook

The Amish Love Story Megabook begins with the story of  18 year old Jenny King. She’s a typical Amish girl who has started to find success as a quilt maker, having been commissioned by an outsider (an “English” in Amish parlance) to create quilts for his Philadelphia shop. However, that’s not the only new development in her life; she has also begun to see 20 year old Jacob Lapp a kind-hearted, hard working farmer who has asked Jenny’s parents for permission to court her.

It’s not as idyllic as it might sound, however – there is drama even here. Jenny is worried about Jacob’s sister, who has been exiled from the community for attempting to slander teacher Annie Fisher and steal from the classroom. At the same time, she’s seeing her best friend possibly starting to move on, having been recently engaged to Mark Stolzfus.

If you’re a fan of Christian romance fiction, Amish romance fiction or simply a fan of romance fiction in general, you should seriously consider picking up the new Amish Love Story series. If you liked J.F.B. Spredemann’s Amish by Accident, then the Amish Love Story Megabook is definitely for you;  sweet and heartwarming, this a book sure to appeal to any fan of the genre.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Amish Megabook. It consists of three intertwined stories which give readers a glimpse at life (and love) in the Amish community. At its core is the tale of the ups and downs of a young Amish couple’s growing relationship, with twists including the machinations of people outside of the community and of course, the universal experience of coming of age. Highly recommended.

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