Art of Love

Kiera Zane’s second novel is now available. Here’s a quick summary of the story.

Caitlyn is on a trip to France. She is an arts scholar looking for inspiration. Whilst visiting the Louvre, she is swept off her feet by a Frenchman. Taken out to a fancy French restaurant by a multimillionaire, Caitlyn finds that she has everything she wants.

As Caitlyn’s trip comes to an end, Julien invites her to stay on. However, Caitlyn decides that she must go back to California. As much as she loves France, her heart is in California. The two keep in contact over the phone, and Julien surprises Caitlyn by flying to America to meet up with her. He spends two weeks with Caitlyn, where she introduces him to her parents and family.

As the two get close, Julien leaves Caitlyn with an ultimatum. Tired of the long distance relationship, she must decide whether she will move to France to live with him or end the relationship. What will Caitlyn do? Stay in California where her heart is, or move to France where the love of her life is waiting.


Art of Love by Kiera Zane

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