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Why Amish Romance Novels Are Hot!

Why Amish Romance Novels Are Hot Ours is a hectic world and one that you would think wouldn’t really have much of an audience for Amish fiction, let alone Amish romance novels – but you’d be wrong. In fact, Amish romance novels are hot. Just a decade ago, the genre was in its infancy and new titles were rare, arriving on shelves at a rate of maybe one per year. Things have changed a lot in the last ten years, with half of the titles on the Christian fiction top 10 best sellers list being Amish related; and some of these books even made the mainstream best sellers list. Why have Amish Christian romance writers managed to make such a splash in the world of publishing? There’s a very simple explanation. These novels appeal to readers who want to read romance, but would rather avoid the explicit language (and explicit sex) found in many mainstream titles. Amish romance novels are certainly not erotica, but they appeal to readers who want something more wholesome and family-centered. The best of these novels are incredibly well written, but at least until very recently, their audience was largely Christian women. Maybe it shouldn’t be such a surprise that Amish romance novels have become such a hit. We live in an age where the divorce rate seems to continually climb and real romance ever harder to find, which makes exploring Amish culture all the more appealing. On some level, many of us yearn for a simpler, quieter life. Of course, each reader brings their own experience and perceptions to these books and each has their own reasons for being attracted to Amish fiction. Many fans of Amish fiction find the experience of reading these novels to be a sort of time travel to a time when the world was a calmer place and the family was the central social unit. Close-knit families and communities as symbolized by meals together around the kitchen table and a generally less hectic life are all things that modern readers find very enticing – and the rapidly growing sales of Amish romance novels are ample proof of this. The Amish romance boom began with Beverly Lewis’ 1997 novel, “The Shunning,” which was the first installment in a trilogy. Since then, she has sold over 12 million books. It’s clear that this is more than a short lived trend. In fact,

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