5 Surprising Reasons Christian Book Publishing Is Thriving

Like most people who have lived a while, every Christian has a story to tell. Some choose to tell it through writing. Once the story is written the next step of course is to get the story published by a Christian publisher or even publish the story yourself. Getting your story published need not be as difficult as you think. In many cases there are self publishing areas out there for your use.

There are many Christian publishers out there that are very helpful and will guide a new writer through the process. Some of these Christian publishers are less expensive than others. Many offer different packages that allow the author to decide how far spread they want their story told and how much they are able to invest at the time. However, having someone publish for you can be more expensive than a new author is able to spend at the beginning of their career.

Some new writers go online and create a web page of their own and share some of their stories there. As their work becomes more noticed they are able to sell their stories or books in an e-book format. This allows the writer to build up funds and a fan base to approach other publishers. Not only will they have more funds to pay the Christian publishing company’s cost but publishers find it easier to market a writer that already has a few groupies.

Networking with other Christian writers and the Christian publishers that they work with is a great way to get your work out and noticed. There are still Christian Publishers that publish stories and books based on the merit of the story. They are the old standard type of publisher that publishes based on talent and the ability to project future sales. Instead of payment up front they take their cost out of the profits. The writer is sometimes even provided a small advance payment so they can begin work on the next project. This is how other genres operate more than that of Christian publishing. Publishers are better able to project profits in other genres. However, Christian writing does have its niche and as a writer if you are able to write with that in mind you might be able to connect with one of these Christian publishers.

Submitting your Christian stories to periodicals or compilation books like the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series is another way to get your Christian stories published and begin building a following that will help you build momentum in your future endeavors. Many magazines also showcase writers and many even pay small contribution payments if the story is published. There are many Christian writers that publish stories faithfully through the weekly periodical world. Using periodical as a Christian publisher is a great way to create a fan base and also fill the need to have your story read by many readers.

As a Christian writer it is important to explore many Christian publishing methods. Try a few and find what works best for you. Once you find a method that works the best for you go for it. But do not be afraid to try other Christian publishing methods as your talents change and you become more experienced.

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  2. Arduka Corvus, 13 October, 2014

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  3. Mike Trieu, 13 October, 2014

    One problem I see with his explanation is that he says the CSF only floods
    during periods where the brain is at its most inactive, but the human brain
    is even more active in REM sleep than it is during consciousness. How does
    he account for this apparent discrepancy?

  4. aresdotexe, 13 October, 2014

    Now if only I actually could get a good night’s sleep.

  5. MedEighty, 13 October, 2014

    A very interesting talk! I don’t get much sleep (5 hours a night, if I’m
    lucky), partly because I worry too much and partly because I live in a
    noisy neighbourhood. And I’ve been observing myself turning from a person
    that is always switched-on and a quick thinker, with a great memory, into
    someone who is forgetful and confused. I keep joking with my colleagues
    that my workplace is giving me early onset dementia.

  6. Catalistic, 13 October, 2014

    Kinda ironic watching this at 2am

  7. Equis Igriegazeta, 13 October, 2014

    Keep the sleep videos coming, it’s importance never seems to stick with me.

  8. AL omerspahic, 13 October, 2014

    Hmm.. its 3AM and I’m watching this

  9. TheBillymybob, 13 October, 2014

    And people make fun of me for sleeping 8-10h a day… I’ll be laughing when
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  10. Beaver Nator, 14 October, 2014

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  11. orbik, 16 October, 2014

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  14. f0rtuzer0, 26 November, 2014

    Ironically, staying up really late to watch this now…

  15. Damien Jougnot, 27 November, 2014

    Une bonne raison (de plus) de se faire une bonne nuit de sommeil

    …voir une grasse mat’ ?

    (Merci à Ger)

  16. Rachel Kotter, 29 November, 2014

    If the brain uses such a large amount of the body’s energy, why can’t you
    lose weight by thinking really hard? :)

  17. Adam Chester, 29 November, 2014

    I fucking hate watching ted talks they are so god damn boring…..

  18. LL jt, 03 December, 2014

    *the ironic thing is that im watching this video at 20 past 12 at night*

  19. Jessey Bowman, 21 December, 2014

    Is it possible to re-hydrate the brain without sleeping?

  20. Bobbe Bobb, 18 January, 2015

    Great talk! Those who do not sleep enough are the real losers. They believe
    they are doing something so meaningful with their lives and therefore sleep
    less. I sleep 8-11 hours a night and feel great (and gym-training). I am
    never out of shape and have quality in every second of my day, and having a
    demanding job.I ditched the TV by the way. People say they have no time
    sleeping that much, but they spend hours every day in front of the TV,
    which is useless compared to sleep.

  21. Bourree Chiropractic & Massage, 18 February, 2015

    With most Americans sleep deprived, here is research why it is more
    important then ever to get a good nights sleep.

  22. Jared Wayne, 18 February, 2015

    This is my first time watching this TED talk. This is now one of my
    favorite talks. It is so insightful, informative, and entertaining. 

  23. Douglas Smith, 28 February, 2015

    Now that we have answered many of the mysteries of sleep, the mystery
    becomes: *why* did the central nervous system evolve a different lymphatic
    system from the rest of the body?

  24. Anji Udy, 03 March, 2015

    Wow! Thank you. My mother suffered from insomina almost her entire life.
    And in her early 50’s developed Alzheimers. She also suffered from a
    variety of mental illnesses in her lifetime. She rarely slept. This shed a
    new light on the subject. 

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