Lancaster County Second Chances 4

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About Ruth Price

Ruth Price is a Pennsylvania native and devoted mother of four. After her youngest set off for college, she decided it was time to pursue her childhood dream to become a fiction writer. Drawing inspiration from her faith, her husband and love of her life Harold, and deep interest in Amish culture that stemmed from a childhood summer spent with her family on a Lancaster farm, Ruth began to pen the stories that had always jabbered away in her mind. Ruth believes that art at its best channels a higher good, and while she doesn’t always reach that ideal, she hopes that her readers are entertained and inspired by her stories.

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Lancaster County Second Chances 4As Cora and Isaac prepare for their wedding, Katie and Joseph for their baby, and Mary for her trip to Paris, simple mistakes have heart wrenching consequences. Can any of their futures match their dreams?

As Cora and Isaac prepare for their wedding, Katie and Joseph for their baby, and Mary for her trip to Paris, simple mistakes have heart wrenching consequences. How will Katie and Joseph navigate the birth of their first child? Has Cora really accepted her Amish life, or will temptation and Cora’s temper force the loss of all she’s trying to build? Will Isaac’s money troubles lead him to destroy his new marriage? And will Mary’s trip to Paris spell herald the beginning of the end of her life with the Amish?

Find out in Lancaster County Second Chances 4, Book 4 of the bestselling series.


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2014---Square-Boxed-Set-300x300When faced with tragedy and loss, will love and faith be strong enough to see them through the storm?

13 Great Clean Christian Reads in ONE HUGE BOOK (including 2 Great Amish Recipes)!

A Lancaster Amish Storm: Books 1-3: Katie Lapp has always loved Zach Yoder and she knows he loves her in return. After a year of courtship, Katie is ready to settle down and start her life as an Amish wife, but Zach finds himself longing for a wider world than his childhood home of Faith’s Landing. Caught between love and possibility, societal expectations and the temptations of the flesh, will Zach and Katie’s love be strong enough to survive the oncoming storm?

The Shadow of Death: Books 1-3: When a tragic loss strikes at the heart of Katie’s home, will Katie, with Zach’s help, find the strength to hold her family together? Or will depression, rage and loss of faith lead Katie’s mamm to make a final, horrifying mistake?

A Lancaster Amish Sketchbook: Books 1-3: Sixteen-year-old, Lancaster Amish teens Beth Beiler and Isaac Yoder have their lives mapped out. They are young and in love, and as soon as Isaac can get the money together, they intend to marry and have their own farm. But when Beth decides to explore her lifelong passion for drawing by taking an Englischer art class at a local community center, and Isaac finds himself swept away by the lure of earning money in a new career, will Beth and Isaac stay true to each other, or will they sacrifice their love, faith and future together to the temptations of the outside world?

A Gift of Sight (Bonus Book): When an Englischer teen loses her sight in a terrible accident, is there a chance of a new beginning…and maybe a new love?

Amish Friendship Bread: Book 1: For Sarah Lambright, returning home to Lancaster from her teaching apprenticeship in Ephrata is as sweet and warm as her mamm’s special Friendship Bread, but when a false friend threatens Sarah’s fledgling love for Jebediah Stoltzfus, will faith, family and new bonds withstand the weight of a heartbreaking lie?

Amish Friendship Bread: Book 2: Lancaster Amish teen, Waneta Graber’s life has fallen apart. Her mamm is in a coma, and Waneta herself is just beginning to recover from a mental breakdown that almost led her to take her own life. As she struggles to earn the trust of her daed, siblings, and friends, Waneta decides that she is far too damaged for love. But her resolve is challenged when her younger sister, Fannie makes the same declaration about herself, and a new Amish boy comes to their small Amish community. Tempted by the promise of love, will Waneta have the strength to stick to her decision, or does God have another future planned for her?

Lancaster Amish Fires of Autumn: After being dragged by her daed, Mark, from Elkhart, Indiana to Lancaster County, PA, all 16-year-old Martha Zook knows is that she wants to go back home. And she has a six-month plan to make that happen. But when Martha meets 17-year-old Jebediah Yoder, their growing love forces her to question everything she thinks she wants. Is this fragile connection enough to keep Martha in Lancaster — especially when the autumn threatens to destroy everything she and her daed have built?

Find out what everyone’s talking about in Ruth Price’s 2014 Amish Romance Complete Collection!


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