Christian Fiction

Christian fiction novels are popular the world round, and while there are numerous genre’s out there the Christian romance fiction in many ways is the most difficult to write. Not only do you have to worry about the elements that go into normal romance stories you have to be careful to stay true to the Christian faith. That is a tall order in any language! So what exactly makes a good Christian Romance Fiction?
The first thing many Christian publishers are going to look for is adherence to the faith. In order to write for the market you need to know and understand the 12 basic tenets of Christianity, which include but are not limited to:
  • Christ is the only way to salvation
  • People are saved by grace
  • Bible is holy
  • Resurrection of Jesus
Of course, not all of these ideas will be verbalized in a Christian romance novel or other Christian fiction, but the essence of them must remain intact. Probably the easiest tenet to translate into Christian romance is grace, giving and receiving.
Maybe the hardest part of writing for a religious following is bringing love and romance to the table without injecting overt sensuality. Most romance novels have more than their fair share of hot steamy scenes between hero and heroine, and the Christian author must find a way to convey the excitement and blush of new love without these elements. (Some will skirt the line more closely than others). In most surveys, Christian readers were more tolerant of violence than coarse language and sexual overtones.
Real Life
Good Christian romance fiction will probably do best when there is a healthy dose of real life in the storyline. People are imperfect by nature and it is good to give a reader someone they can relate to as well as aspire to be like.
Francine Rivers crafted a much-lauded Christian romance fiction based on the story of Hosea and Gomer. In her novel, Angel (a.k.a. Gomer) is sold into sexual slavery at the very tender age of 8 and grows up to be a much sought after prostitute during the California gold rush. Michael (a.k.a. Hosea) sees her and knows she is the wife he has been waiting for. Angels upbringing and traumatic life has taught her not to trust people particularly men.
The original release of Redeeming Love (1991) skirted on the graphic side, but told a story about someone with lingering scars on her soul and how her life was redeemed not only by the love of Michael but by her heavenly father.
Are you seeking a great Christian romance fiction for your next reading adventure? Check out Christian romance reviews online or search out the latest from your favorite Christian publisher. You will find there are tons of options and more than a few fantastic authors to choose from. Romantic suspense, drama or even just a sweet happily ever after are but a few clicks away in most cases. One quick word about online reviews, keep in mind some reviews are written by non-believers and as such, their view of the book is slanted from the start. Happy Reading!
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