Christian Fiction Books: Enjoyment And Inspiration

Christian Fiction Books: Enjoyment and Inspiration
Were you under the impression that the only Christian books you could read were the bible or a commentary by popular theists? Well, the good news is there are more than a few Christian fiction books on the market today, something for nearly any taste. Here are a few genres you can expect to find online or at your favorite Christian bookstore.
Adventure/ Horror
Would you be shocked to learn there are Christian fiction books closely related to the horror genre? A lot of people are not born into the Christian faith, they come to it later in life and as such some may have a particular fondness for the writing style of Stephen King, Edgar Allen Poe or John Saul. Thankfully, they too can enjoy a good fiction, but one that includes their new found faith. Popular Christian horror writers include:
  • Frank Peretti
  • Ted Dekker
  • Tosca Lee
  • Sharon Carter Rogers
  • Romance
God is love so it is easy to see how Christian fiction books must contain a share of romance novels as well. Everyone loves to read about hardheaded heroes and softhearted heroines (and sometimes the other way around!). You will find there are plenty of great authors and plenty of Christian romance fiction options including adventure, suspense, thriller and even edgy romances that touch on some serious sociological issues such as sex trade and forced slavery. A few notable names in the industry include:
  • Francine Rivers
  • Hallee Bridgeman
  • Lesley Ann McDaniel
  • Janette Oke ( popular author of the Love saga, several of which were made into TV movies)
If you love a fast paced who done it you will definitely enjoy the Christian books in the mystery section. These books are much like their secular counterparts with intrigue and suspense liberally sown through the novel, but generally speaking, it is God who ultimately orchestrates the reveal of guilty or innocent parties. Some great authors in this field include:
  • Dee Henderson
  • Terri Blackstock
  • Lorena McCourtney
  • DiAnn Mills
Sometimes you just want to read about life as you know it, well at least set in the current time and with common issues. This in a nutshell is the Christian contemporary genre. Popular authors in this genre tackle important life issues like reality TV shows, fear of losing a child, marital problems, financial struggles and much more. How do Christian parents deal with teenage angst or more importantly, what is going through the mind of the Christian teenager! Notable authors in this genre of Christian fiction books include:
  • Karen Kingsbury
  • Meg Moseley
  • Lisa Wingate
As you can see there are just as many genres in Christian fiction books as there are secular books! This is good news to voracious readers in the Christian community. Whether you want a sweet romance or a thrilling ride, there is plenty to choose from in Christian books. Don’t wait any longer to find your next favorite book. Check out online retailers for a more exhaustive list of books, genres and authors.
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