Why Christian Publishing Continues To Be So Wildly Popular

Christian Publishing
The Christian book market is very popular these days. This is because the topics are uplifting, practical, heartwarming, and sometimes controversial. In addition, authors in this genre have plenty of options when it comes to publishing formats. They can write for big publishing houses, independent Christian publishing companies or self-publish their novels. However, for some authors, this choice is based upon whether there are strict editorial guidelines set in place.
Christian Writing Guidelines
The majority of authors who write for the Christian market follow the guidelines of organizations such as the Christian Booksellers Association (CBA) or the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association (ECPA). These organizations have guidelines that follow a faith based publishing format.
They establish what is allowed in terms of suitable religious topics, and the authors are expected to write accordingly. These guidelines are a lot more restrictive than those of the American Booksellers Association (ABA), which is for mainstream book publishing.
Non-Orthodox Topics
As a result, many Christian authors are opting to write about more mainstream topics that don’t adhere to CBA or ECPA guidelines. They don’t adhere to the more traditional Christian publishing format. What are they writing about instead? Many are writing about the cultural happenings that are taking place in the world. When it comes to temptation and hardship, today is no different from other times in society, and many authors opt for these meaty topics.
There have always been authors who knew how to push the envelope when it came to writing about non-traditional theological topics, and there has always been a market for such books. Christian books with non-traditional theological viewpoints such as homosexuality will continue to increase in number, which is a sign of the times. It will be interesting to see if the more traditional audiences will embrace many of these topics in the near future.
Secular or Christian Topics?
However, these days, the majority of the Christian book market still demands orthodox topics. Then again, it is believed that the topics tackled will mostly depend on the owners of the publishing company. Is it a Christian book publisher, or is it more secular in nature?
Many Christian based publishing companies always require writers to produce novels filled with evangelical theology. Authors can’t go against the guidelines. It is a rule that some publishers aren’t willing to change.
It is basically saying that consumers have to agree with them or go elsewhere if they want unorthodox material. Publishers are standing up for what they believe in. Some Christian publishing companies are not willing to compromise their faith in order to please the demands of the overall book market.
The Importance of Religion
However, the bottom line is that most of these companies will have to decide what is really important to them. Unlike secular book publishing companies that only have to determine if they want to produce bestsellers with grit or just make loads of cash, Christian publishing companies have to take something else into consideration. Do they really want to hold steadfast to their religious beliefs?
This is going to be the new challenge, considering that so much has changed in the book publishing industry overall. Considering that many authors now have more self-publishing options, taking a stance may not fare well financially for some Christian publishing companies. This is especially the case when authors who do not support traditional orthodox viewpoints can go elsewhere to publish their Christian books.
There will always be a market for Christian topics. It does not matter if they are orthodox or unorthodox. However, how they are written and published will depend heavily on the author or the publishing company involved.
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