Romance Book Reviews: Who Reads Them & Why?

Romance book reviews are an important part of the publishing industry for many reasons. Keep in mind that these book reviews, which can be made by both professional critics and ordinary readers, are essential to alert target readers about the merits of the book and to drum up sales for it..
The first type of people that read romance book reviews, as well as Christian book reviews, is the authors themselves. As an author, your publisher will allocate a certain number of copies for the book reviewers to read and review, said provision of which is part of your book contract.
You may not want to read the reviews of your book but you are well advised to do so for several reasons. First, you will feel good after reading positive book reviews especially when these are from reputable reviewers or published in reputable magazines. You will certainly require the boost to your confidence as a writer especially in a competitive field.
Second, you can learn even from negative romance book reviews or Christian book reviews, depending on your genre. As a writer who should adopt an attitude of lifelong learning, you should be thick-skinned, so to speak, since there will always be haters in the publishing industry. But you should also learn to listen to your critics for, indeed, their objective opinions about your writing talents and skills are useful in advancing your craft.
Both authors and publishers have investments in romance book reviews albeit for different reasons. Your publisher will read the book reviews for the following purposes:
  • Look for feedback about the book and, thus, reinforce their initial instincts about its merits
  • Adjust their marketing efforts according to the reviews
  • Keep you informed about the reviews as well as discuss the things that should be done for better results next time or to maintain your good results now
Indeed, you and your publisher should be in contact about the romance book reviews that are being published on major newspapers and magazines. The more informed you both are, the more likely that you can market the book in a more effective manner.
Target Readers
Of course, the reading public also read romance book reviews. This may seem counterintuitive as it can take away the thrill of discovery but most readers of book reviews agree that it benefits them in so many ways.
For example, your target readers may lead such busy lives that they want recommendations about which book to read and which book to avoid buying. If you have glowing romance book reviews, then your target readers are more likely to buy the book – and that means you have higher book sales. If you have less than glowing book reviews, then perhaps your target readers will still buy the book just so they can see for themselves why critics are bashing it.
Even other writers will also read the reviews about your book for their own reasons. They may want to keep abreast of the developments (i.e., new releases) in the publishing industry. They may want to know about the competition especially in a competitive field like the romance genre. They may want to cheer you on, too, because the publishing industry can be supportive of its kind.
Regardless of the reasons for reading romance book reviews, you must welcome these reviews for your own good as a writer and a reader.
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