Here’s Why Romance Stories And Smart Women Click

We live in a society where certain stereotypes are still strong in the minds of people – and the stereotype that smart women do not read romance stories is one of the most prevalent. But when you come to think about it, modern-day smart women and romantic stories are compatible together for many reasons.
Of course, many men and women will object to the abovementioned statement, because of the stereotype that romance novels and their stories are written for the incurable romantic whose head and heart are in the clouds, so to speak. But times have changed, fortunately, and along with the changing of the times come the changing of the romance genre.
In the past, romance stories were written in a style that perpetuated several stereotypes about women.
  • Women as the weaker sex who cannot resist the sexual temptations presented by men, with many sex scenes bordering on rape but the heroine eventually sees the error of her ways and succumbs to the hero.
  • Women as damsels in distress who cannot make decisions and actions without their knights in shining armor coming to their rescue, a common trope in many romance stories. The heroine usually finds herself in a compromising situation but the hero comes along to save her from certain harm.
  • Women as simple, even silly, creatures whose only preoccupations are getting a good husband, giving him good heirs, and being the good woman that she is supposed to be.
Indeed, romantic stories of the past were written to reinforce stereotypes that were considered suitable for the age when women were considered as the weaker sex.
Fortunately, times have changed and so have romance stories written by present-day writers. Readers will obviously find exceptions where women are still portrayed as naive, innocent and gullible girls under the thumb of domineering and dominant males – think 50 Shades of Grey – but the smart women of today typically know the difference.
Browse bookstores and libraries, among other places, and you will find that romance stories usually feature strong, smart and savvy women who have their own minds and who are not damsels in distress. The heroines are as capable of saving themselves as much as the heroes with many stories featuring the heroines actually saving the heroes from harm, whether it is of the physical, mental or financial kind.
Let’s face it: Strong, smart and savvy heroines in romance stories will attract strong, smart and savvy female readers. Women will empathize with the heroines, after all, as well as appreciate their witty dialogues, smart introspections, and strong sexual skills, among other positive traits.
Then there is the new dynamics between the hero and heroine in modern-day romantic stories. Instead of the balance of love, trust and respect being skewered in favor of the hero, both the hero and the heroine eventually enjoy a loving, trusting and respectful relationship where equality rules. Both parties in romance stories are equal on many levels including their roles and responsibilities as lovers, parents and breadwinners.
This new balance in a romantic relationship as portrayed in romance stories reflects the new – and better – balance where women are wholly supported by their men when it comes to their decisions in life. Look at Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith, and even Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton as examples.
Then there’s the fact that many, if not most, of the writers of romance stories are strong, smart and savvy women themselves.
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