About Montana West

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About Montana West

Ever since she was a child watching Westerns like Hondo and the Big Valley with her dad, Montana West has always had a fascination with the Wild West. Now she lives on her Indiana farm with her husband, Jim, two cats, four horses and an elderly goat named Bluebeard. Montana and Jim are avid collectors of the work of artists of the American West, her favorites of the Hudson River School whose artists like Thomas Hill celebrated nature through their transformative works. Montana hopes people are affected by her art as well, long into the future, if it is the will of God.

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Can two heartbroken strangers find the faith to love each other?

Boston socialite Elizabeth Lowell and her younger sister, Virginia, are devastated at the sudden death of their father. Worse, after their father’s creditors finish picking over the remains of their lives, both girls are left with only empty hearts. Struggling to make ends meet, they each do what they can to stay afloat, but when Virginia takes a job singing in a disreputable tavern, Elizabeth realizes how perilous their situation truly is. Desperate to save her sister from descending into immorality, Elizabeth takes the drastic step to move them to Montana so that Elizabeth can marry a stranger. Can this heartbroken girl save herself, her new family, and make a place for herself in the heart of a stranger, who is still in love with the memory of his dead wife?

Montana homesteader William Edwards, a widower with two children of his own, doesn’t want another wife. But when his oldest daughter, Mary puts an advertisement in the paper to help his dad find a new wife (and them a new mother,) William realizes he needs to take drastic action. He enters into correspondence with a woman from Boston and agrees to bring her and her sister West to Montana… After he makes it clear that he has no intention of falling in love. But when Elizabeth and Virginia step into his home and turn it inside out, will this mail order wife destroy the life and memories he holds so dear, or will he find the strength to risk his heart again?

Find out in Mail Order Wife, Book 1 of the Christian Mail Order Brides series.



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Mail Order Marriage MistakeWhen a handsome cowboy mistakes fugitive, Emma Thomas, for his mail order bride, can this mail order mistake be the start of a new future for them both? Or will her past spell the end of all of their hopes?

After weeks of being stalked, seventeen-year-old, Boston socialite, Emma Thomas finds herself in way over her head when she is framed for murder. Hunted by the law and rapidly running out of both money and options, she makes the decision to flee to the wild west, but when a handsome cowboy mistakes this murder suspect for his mail-order bride, will this mail order mistake be the start of a new future for them both? Or will her past spell the end of all of their hopes?

Find out in this newest addition to the Christian Mail Order Brides collection!


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Doomed to die an old maid by her overprotective brothers, seventeen-year-old Cora Richards is determined to find love, but when she agrees to journey West with her entire family as a secret mail order bride, will this decision spell the loss of every treasure she holds dear?

Seventeen-year-old Cora Richards is destined to die an old maid if her two brothers have anything to say about it. They’ve sent every suitor in her hometown of Akron, Ohio fleeing in terror. But when Cora takes matters into her own hands and begins corresponding with Louis Albert, a penniless minor in Last Chance, Montana, it’s a journey West for the entire family! And getting to Last Chance is only the beginning of Cora’s trials when her parents refuse to accept Louis. Is Cora and Louis’ courtship doomed to fail? Will Cora be led astray by the handsome but wicked Andrew Willard? Find out in this tale of love, betrayal and mortal peril in the gold mines of Last Chance, Montana.


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Montana West is currently working on her next Mail Order Wife series, which should be coming out in April 2015.

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