Must-read Christian Authors For All Types Of Readers

The works of Christian authors are not just for Christians from all major and minor sects, far from it. Instead, these works of literature are suitable for all types of readers because the topics tackled are of the general patronage type, such as wholesome romantic stories, adventure stories, and social relevance stories, among others.
While there are dozens of Christian authors nowadays including Christian romance authors, the following are the must-read authors for all ages. You will find that the works of these authors are actually classics that can be handed down through the generations, thus, proving that the words of Christ are eternal.
T.S. Eliot
Thomas Stearns Eliot, OM, was a British essayist, playwright, and poet as well as a literary and social critic; he was born an American but was naturalized as a British subject. He is rightfully considered as one of the world’s major poets with his masterpiece, The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, which is considered as the best example of the Modernist movement.
His contributions to literature made him one of the Christian authors with the Nobel Prize in Literature (1948) to cap his literary career. His seven plays including Murder in the Cathedral as well as his poems, such as The Waste Land, should be appreciated for their beautiful prose, too.
Graham Greene
Henry Graham Greene, OM, CH was an English author and novelist who was considered one of the 20th century’s greatest writers. He was one of the Christian authors who enjoyed both literary acclaim from critics and popularity from the general public, thanks to his engaging Catholic novels and thrillers. He may not have been awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature but his works, which deal with the modern-day ambivalent political and moral issues from a Catholic perspective, cemented his legacy.
He may not belong in the ranks of the true-blue Christian romance authors but his four major novels, namely, The Power and the Glory, The End of the Affair, Brighton Rock, and The Heart of the Matter will touch your heart.
Vaclav Havel
Václav Havel may not be the first person when the term “Christian authors” is mentioned but he is certainly considered as one in the literary community. He wears many distinguished hats – writer, philosopher and dissident as well as statesman as he served as President Czechoslovakia – but his works of literature cemented his legacy as one of the most influential intellectuals of the 20th century.
Havel is also well-known for his essays, plays and memoirs, many of which draw from his colourful days in the theatre world, in the dissident community, and in his advocacy for humanitarianism, civil activism, and environmentalism.
C.S. Lewis
Of all the Christian authors mentioned here, none are arguably as popular among children and young adults, even among older adults, as Clive Staples Lewis. He was and is a well-known novelist, essayist, and literary critic as well as lay theologian, academic and Christian apologist with his best known work being The Chronicles of Narnia.
He is just as well-known for his Christian apologetics, many of which are required reading in universities, such as Mere Christianity, The Problem of Pain, and Miracles.
Indeed, the works of Christian authors should not be dismissed as dealing with the complexities of being a Christian but, more importantly, about the ways that Christianity has an impact on the self and the world – and these are engaging books, too!
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