Courageous Faith


Before Melinda Abbott can truly embrace her future with her Amish beau, Steven Mast, will she have the courage to face the cult she broke free of in order to pull her cousin from their grasp?

Though Englischer, Melinda Abbott is excited about her upcoming marriage to her Amish beau Steven Mast, she is haunted by the memory of . . .

Amish Author Ruth Price releases Courageous Faith, the newest in her bestselling Christian books Lancaster County Amish Quarrel series. Readers will enjoy this exciting new release in the bestselling Christian book series.

Christian books readers looking for the newest Christian book can purchase Courageous Faith by Rachel Stoltzfus for $0.99 on Kindle (and for free with a Kindle Unlimited subscription) today. It is regularly priced at $2.99. This is Book 4 of the bestselling Lancaster County Amish Quarrel series.

In Courageous Faith, we revisit Englischer, Melinda Abbot. Though excited about her upcoming marriage to her Amish beau Steven Mast, Melinda is also haunted by the memory of her cousin Jim, who she left behind when escaping the cult they both had been manipulated into joining. Recognizing that she will never be able to have a future if she doesn’t face her past, Melinda and her new Amish community band together to help Jim break free of the cult.

Christian Author, Rachel Stoltzfus strives in her fiction to present a fair and honest representation of a love that is both romantic and sweet. She hopes that her Christian readers will find this book compelling, romantic, and ultimately inspirational.

About the first book of the series, An Amish Country Quarrel, Amazon reader, J. Stevens says:

…I loved how the story was ultimately about friendship and how you can still be friends even as growing up means that you may have to grow apart. I was really glad to get a window into how the Amish deal with the choice about whether or not to leave the Amish community. Short and Sweet — Loved it!

About Book 2, Simple Truths, reader, Eleanor Gravitt, raves:

This book really shows the strength and courage of all of the main characters: especially Melinda and the Amish community who come together to protect the children. Great read! Couldn’t put it down!

And about the third book in the series, Neighboring Faiths, reader, Deborah Spencer raves:

I really loved how this book got into the difficulties with trying to go from English to Amish. Melinda was a believable character, and the romance between her and Steven was very sweet!”

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