How The Military Watches Out For Men Who Love True

How The Military Watches Out For Men Who Love True (Lunchtime Love Stories)

How The Military Watches Out For Men Who Love True (Lunchtime Love Stories) , selling for brand new. Manufactured by Global Grafx Press.Special Limited Time Discount Price – Will Soon Be IncreasedKayla Bell has been dating Lieutenant Ryan St. Cloud, who is stationed at White Sands Missile Range. The two are in love and have been talking about a life together. He’s looking for the perfect wedding ring before proposing. His best frien

How The Military Watches Out For Men Who Love True (Lunchtime Love Stories)
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  1. Rad “Reader”, 03 November, 2013

    I sure hope this is a true depiction of what the military will do as well as its family support system. It was a heart felt story of love that a couple has for each other, about betrayal within a friends marriage & how you has a person are will to condone or not, it is as about a well oiled family spousal support system in place that is willing to help. Yet, in the end it is still the couple that has to use their communication skills to weather the storms. That is where I would hope the new military does have those ranking officers who take the time to see that their enlisted are at odds with something at home or otherwise. Characters were well developed & this had emotional turmoil that made you stop & think. Very good love story even for a short.

  2. Benny Phan, 03 November, 2013

    The book consists of 5 chapters, telling a short story of two people who fell in love and presumably lived happily ever after– because this is what it is, a fairytale story of a boy and a girl falling in love while their lives are affected by the circumstances and by the people around them.

    This love story is best to pass your time with. The story is entertaining and the characters sound like real people. One would think, however, if such a love story can actually happen in real life. From that note, I’m sure that more people will be interested to read this book.

  3. Julia Busch, 03 November, 2013

    A short, sincere story with a happy ending about young love and how it fits into the military extended family. I had a little difficulty getting into the book, since the beginning wasn’t written as smoothly as the ending, but I found myself growing very fond of the characters, sympathizing with their pain, and cheering them on. A sweet, light, moral read that gives food for thought.

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