Inspirational Romance

Exactly what is inspirational romance fiction? It involves stories that have a combination of religion and romance. They are pegged as stories of love and faith. They are usually coming of age stories that have a love story. Usually one person does not believe in God. But as the storyline develops, things change.
The Basic Storyline
The storyline for an inspirational romance is pretty fundamental. A sweet romance develops between the two main characters. At the beginning of the story, one of the lovers has a steadfast relationship with God, but the other one does not. The religious lover generally tries to change the other into a religious person. However, the non-believer questions and doubts his faith in God.
As the story progresses, love blossoms, and so does the non-believer’s faith in God. The non-believer eventually becomes a believer, and the two lovers live happily ever after. They fall in love, get married, or get married in the next instalment of the author’s book series.
Justification for Romantic Storylines
There are a lot of religious references in inspirational romance fiction novels. It was a way for writers in the 19th century to justify writing romance novels. Not only would they write about romance, but their books had plenty of religious overtones to make the novels appear worthy. Writers peppered their novels with biblical quotations, which provided credibility to their storylines.
Inspirational Romance Fiction Writers
Most of the writers in this genre are females, but there are a few male writers as well. It is said that Grace Livingston Hill was the mother of modern inspirational romance fiction. Other writers associated with this genre are Susan Warner, Augusta Evans Wilson, Denise Hildreth and Kristen Heitzmann. Janette Oke has a whole series of books within the inspirational romance niche. The first book was entitled Love Comes Softly.
Inspiration Romance Fiction with Grit
There are also authors who like to write inspirational romance novels that don’t fit into the mainstream Christian market. As a result, this type of writing is called “edgy” inspirational romance fiction. As the name suggests, it is an edgier sided of Christian romance. It isn’t what the mainstream Christian market demands. Generally, the Christian market wants authors to express the emotional aspects of love, and not the physical ones. Thus, these storylines have nothing more than kisses.
Dealing with Life in General
However, many authors who write edgier inspirational romance fiction novels have different views when it comes to how life should be portrayed. Life involves dealing with the good and the bad. There are plenty of temptations, and sometimes you must also write for the portion of the population that needs saving. Many times, this can explain why edgier inspirational romance novels have become well known.
All in all, inspirational romance fiction novels are very popular. The hero and heroine fall in love. Then they develop a relationship with each other and with God. This is a storyline that continues to be widely accepted and enjoyed by audiences worldwide.
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