Interracial Romance

Are you an aspiring author? If you’re reading this, the answer is almost certainly yes and if so, you want to be published. Especially if this is your first book, you may be wondering what the easiest way is to get your foot in the door, so to speak. If your top priority is to see your work in print, you probably want to make the already daunting process of writing a book and getting a publisher interested as easy as possible and this means knowing what kind of book is the most likely to make it in today’s publishing industry. If you’re interested in writing romance, you’re in luck – and one of the hottest subgenres in fiction today is interracial romance fiction.

Obviously, if you’re going to be writing interracial romance books, you have to be passionate about the topic. If you’re already interested in writing romance fiction, you’ve got a good head start. If you have a personal perspective on the topic or you’re at least comfortable writing about it (and really, who isn’t in 2015?), then you could have a hit novel on your hands.

The same rule applies to any kind of writing, whether it’s self-help or sci-fi. Writing may be your trade – or at least you should think of it that way if your intention is to be published – but it shouldn’t feel like going to the salt mines. You need to be engaged if you want to engage readers, so pick a genre or topic that you feel strongly about personally. If you’re into carpentry, write a how-to book on building furniture. If sci-fi is your thing, try your hand at a science fiction novel or short story and of course, if you’re an aspiring romance writer, definitely keep interracial romance fiction in mind.

Selecting a topic or genre that appeals to you personally makes it a lot easier to get started writing and just as importantly, it can also help you to get published. If you’re truly passionate about your topic, you’ll probably end up writing a better book and you’ll care enough to edit and proofread it rather than just rushing through the book in hopes of getting it on the market.

Even if you’re already knowledgeable about your chosen topic, research is always a good idea. Accuracy is important (if you’re writing non-fiction) and you also need to know the publishing market. What kinds of books are publishers looking for? The Writer’s Market books are a good resource for aspiring authors and of course, there is also a wealth of information on the publishing industry online. Publishers may specialize in different genres, but ultimately, they all want the same thing – a book that will sell. Whether you’re writing interracial romance books or historical fiction, knowing what’s in style can make it a lot easier to get your first book published.

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