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WOW! Over 8,300 Copies Downloaded So Far With Rave Reviews! Special Limited Time Discount Price – Will Soon Be Increased . Rachel and Mary sell baked goods at the Amish market. When they are approached by two Englischers who want to interview them for an “educational” article, warning bells sound in the young women’s minds. While they want to give an open and honest interview, they feel that

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  1. Ivan Simec “IvanS”, 03 November, 2013

    This was a really great story. Loved every minute of it. It was the first part of a trilogy, and I can’t wait to see the next book in the series. I really like the books by Rachel Stoltzfus. Part 1 of this series is actually a short story that is a fast read and really good. It’s called which is what I think this series is based on. The characters seem to pick right up, and it’s all in the same community, Hope Crossing. I really got to know the characters; they’re every engaging and both the protagonists and antagonists are very well fleshed out. If you like reading Amish fiction or you simply want to learn more about the Amish way of life, I would recognize this series. Although it’s fiction, it gives you a window into a real Amish community I think.

  2. Katrina Abiasi, 03 November, 2013

    Decided to give this book a try and I’m definitely glad I did! With a great story line and realistic and relatable characters, it’s definitely worth the money and time to check it out!

  3. Natalie, 03 November, 2013

    This is good. I love the plot. It’s a quick read. I would recommend it. I cannot wait for the second part of the story.

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