Living Amish Megabook (Living Amish Series)

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Special Limited Time Discount Price – Will Soon Be Increased The Living Amish Megabook takes all four Living Amish stories and puts them together in one volume. Follow the adventures of Rachel, Mary, Thomas, Melinda, Steven and all the great people in Hope Crossing. They live, love and continue to build their community while worshiping and living a humble, Plain life for God. Read all four s

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  1. W.W. Coody, 03 November, 2013

    as stated above to book was not interesting. it may be readable for some teenagers, but I found it tended to be a chore to read .

  2. NV Teacher, 03 November, 2013

    The editing is poor and the story is only so-so. If you have nothing better to do – this isn’t an awful read.

  3. Janice N. Hofmans, 03 November, 2013

    I finished reading the collection because I wanted to see how it ended for each of the main characters. I don’t usually post reviews, much less negative ones BUT I have to agree w/ the previous reviews who commented on the seeming lack of maturity of the author’s writing ability and the GLARING, and I do mean GLARING errors in the story content. Character’s names mixed up; snowing in a summer storm when it should have read winter, etc. I think with some additional training and a better editor and publishing staff this author could be a decent contributer to the Christian romance genre. I read this collection free via Amazon Prime but I deleted the other mega-collection from my wish list. It is TOO disconcerting to read such grievous errors. Typos I can live with; which one of hasn’t had spellcheck foul us up with a similar word but this is beyond that. And this kind of writing & publishing really disrespects, us, the readers, expecting us to pay $$ for published books. There is…

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