Loving: Natalie's New Life – Book 1 (Lunchtime Lo

Loving: Natalie's New Life - Book 1 (Lunchtime Love Stories)

Loving: Natalie’s New Life – Book 1 (Lunchtime Love Stories) , selling for brand new. Manufactured by Global Grafx Press.Natalie Hankins, a newly graduated nurse, begins a fresh chapter of her life as she begins working at the Philips Township Memorial Hospital. She is a shy, naive young woman who has been overprotected and sheltered by her Aunt Kim and Uncle Tom. Natalie’s best friend, Anna Floren explains to Natalie

Loving: Natalie's New Life - Book 1 (Lunchtime Love Stories)
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  1. momoftwinsies, 03 November, 2013

    This book was just ok, but the picture on the cover is extremely deceiving, and I’m guessing its going to hurt the overall rating of the book, as well as deter people that would actually enjoy this type of story from reading it, because in the story there was a few kisses here and there, and nothing more, but the cover makes it look like an erotic romance novel. People expecting an erotic romance will be let down, and people who prefer the more innocent type of romance will skip over it because of the picture on the cover.

    EDIT: Glad to see the author noted my review and changed the cover!

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