My Soldier's Love (Sweet Love & Kisses series)

My Soldier's Love (Sweet Love & Kisses series)

My Soldier’s Love (Sweet Love & Kisses series) , selling for brand new. Manufactured by Global Grafx Press.My Soldier’s Love is FREE from January 2nd to January 4th. Get Your FREE Copy Today!Over 4200 Free Downloads So Far!Special Limited Time Discount Price – Will Soon Be IncreasedCaptain Frank Tyler meets and is instantly attracted to Lee Rose. The feeling is mutual and pretty soon they are dating. How

My Soldier's Love (Sweet Love & Kisses series)
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  1. Ivan Simec “IvanS”, 03 November, 2013

    This was a sweet romance story that kept my interest from start to finish. It dealt with some issues that many people don’t think about when it comes to soldiers coming home, and the romance was very sweet.
    It showed the loving side plus it had the jealous other woman adds some good suspense and a bit of tension overall. I recommend this to anybody who likes sweet romance fiction with a bit of action and drama thrown in.

  2. Bman11, 03 November, 2013

    Gripping plot with the soldier coming home was well done. The romances always get me what can I say…This one I shared to a few friends whose significant others are returning from overseas. Undoubtedly looking forward to the next books in the series.

  3. Leland D. Benton, 03 November, 2013

    Women Fiction books rock and this book rocks the most. It was spellbinding and I love the characters and the plot line. Lee, the female character puts up with an awful lot of trouble and I am left wondering if any relationship is worth all of the excess baggage. i am not going to give the plot away but suffice it to say this book is well worth your time and investment. Great stuff!

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