New Amish Fiction Series by Rachel Stoltzfus

The new Winter of Faith series by Rachel Stoltzfus has just been released. It is the new Amish fiction series that  includes three stories about the Amish community in Ephrata and their struggles to get through a horrendous winter. Below are the summaries for each book. There is also a Winter of Faith Megabook which includes all three books in one volume. Enjoy!

 Winter of Faith  Winter of Faith – Book 1

It is late fall in Ephrata and Amish community members are realizing that the coming winter is going to be a hard and difficult one. The winds are already strong, sharp and biting, and far off cloud banks hang ominously in the distance. Amish community members gather for church that evening, where young Hannah Miller comes with the flu. A late fall snowstorm hits causing whiteouts, winds and blinding weather stranding church members at the Beiler home.

Between the blizzard and the flu virus spreading rapidly in the closed in group, everyone gets pretty miserable and sick. There are only two women with medical training to attend to the sick but finally they survive and move on. After the snow lets up, people leave only to be buffeted by storm after storm as the winter drags on. When a freak storm leaves a family dead and a community mourning and in shock, they dub this year as the worse winter ever, one that that has tested their faith to the limit and shaken their resolve to the core. Click here to read more. >>>

Season of Love

Season of Love – Book 2

Miriam Beiler is a first-class quilter and sells her quilts in the Amish market and through private orders. After getting a huge quilting order, she goes home thinking about all that she has to do.
Distracted, she nearly gets in an accident with an Englischer who asks her for directions to a nearby high school. The man cajoles her into giving him her name, and they part ways with Miriam thinking that’s the end of it.

Miriam is being courted by John Fisher, and she’s moving towards being Baptized into the Amish community, but the Englischer, Lance Newman has other ideas. He begins to stalk her, and in the end, kidnaps her because he finds her attractive. What happens next will forever change this peaceful Amish community testing the faith of all involved. Click here to read more >>>

Wedding Season

A Wedding Season – Book 3

After surviving a stalking and kidnapping incident that nearly took her life, Miriam Beiler is recovering and preparing to marry the love of her life, John Fisher. But there’s a hitch named Mary Zook, who also has eyes for John. She injects herself into their relationship and through manipulation and deceit, she tries to break up the couple and turn John’s attentions to her.

Mary is unaware of Miriam and John’s engagement, and pursues John in spite of the fact that he’s already courting. The whole thing is spiraling out of control and is negatively impacting the couple and the community as Mary is determined to get her own way. Things heat up as John and Miriam grow closer and Mary gets more desperate to swing John here way. Click here to read more >>>

Winter of Faith Mega

Winter of Faith Megabook

This contains all three books in one volume at a discounted price.

Click here to read more >>>


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