Rachel Stoltzfus – Author

Rachel Stoltzfus was born and raised in Lancaster, Pennsylvania as part of a loving Mennonite community. She has always been a writer, quilter and lover of books. She began to write Amish romance fiction as an alternative look into the Amish community wanting to present a fair and honest represntation of a love that is romantic, sweet and at times, humorous. She has continued to write about problems which are universal to young people in love and how they overcome these situations as they explore their world.

Rachel is a very private person and works with her friend and fellow writer, Maya Sheppard to bring her Amish characters to life. She is always grateful for reviews and feedback as it gives her a roadmap to improving her future works. She is currently working on the Living Amish series that takes place in the fictional community that deals with very real problems in an Amish way.

In her books, she refers to the Revised Pennsylvania German Dictionary by C. Richard Beam which is the official dictionary of the Pennsylvania Dutch language, and encourages anyone who wants to learn more about this beautiful language to invest in. It doesn’t come digitally; like the Amish reliance on non-electric things, it can still be read in paperback form.


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