Road to Salvation (Out of Darkness – Amish Connect

Road to Salvation (Out of Darkness - Amish Connections 2 (An Amish of Lancaster County Saga))

Road to Salvation (Out of Darkness – Amish Connections 2 (An Amish of Lancaster County Saga)) , selling for brand new. Manufactured by Global Grafx Press.Amish Fiction New Release in AMAZON BESTSELLING SERIES OUT OF DARKNESS – Limited Time Discount Price!Must Read for Lovers of Amish Romance Novels: Two broken souls, two terrible secrets, one harrowing journey of loss, love and redemption… Since witnessing his dead’s death in his family’s Lancaster

Road to Salvation (Out of Darkness - Amish Connections 2 (An Amish of Lancaster County Saga))
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  1. John “McArthur”, 03 November, 2013

    Wonderful Amish Book of Love and Faith! My wife picked up this book up last week, loved it, and insisted I at least read the prologue. I have some interest in the Amish and lots of interest in keeping harmony in my household of 4, so I agreed, and then I couldn’t put it down!

    This book was well-paced with vivid descriptions, but where it really shined was the characters. A story about two people who had made mistakes in their lives and were now wondering what life had in store for them next. Samuel and Miriam meet by chance, but as they travel together, their relationship deepens. What I found especially compelling was how they both helped each other realize that they can and do still have a relationship with God.

    Though this is a romance, it’s also a meditation on the nature of faith and a person’s place in the world. I’ll definitely be borrowing the rest of Ms. Price’s work when my wife is finished with it! We are both Christians and really enjoyed reading it.

  2. Angel, 03 November, 2013

    (This review takes me back to my reviewing roots. I am a sucker for Amish fiction.)

    While I’ve enjoyed all of the OUT OF DARKNESS books, I have to say this one is my favorite, hands down. I loved the development of the relationship between Miriam and Samuel. These were two people who managed to find their way not only to love–with each other–but back to a faith that they both thought lost for good. Also, there are a couple of twists in the road of their story that kept me reading well past my bedtime (and that takes a lot these days, what with my busy schedule). This definitely is not your typical Amish novel in some ways, like the unusual premise, but the story holds onto the ideals of love grounded in faith–and of course the simple values that we readers have come to associate with the genre. If you like Amish stories, I highly recommend this one.

  3. Liz Kauffman, 03 November, 2013

    It is a very interesting book, I really enjoyed it, it keeps your attention all the way through the book.

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