The Boy Called Chris

by Daniel Dela Dunoo

Once there lived Mr. and Mrs. Agyapong and their nine years old son Chris in Cantonment, a city within the Greater Accra region of Ghana. Chris was from a wealthy family. His dad was the Manager of a large company in Accra whereas his mum was a famous fashion designer. Chris happened to have been the only child of his parents and was loved dearly. His parents in spite of their busy schedule always made time for their son and taught him many lessons that shaped his character. They taught him to love and respect everybody. They also taught him good manners.

Chris was good looking and loved by many who knew him. He was a child who will always wake up from bed early, say his prayers, brush his teeth, take his bath and get ready for school without his parents forcing him to do so. He did all these by himself and loved doing them.

Chris also loved to read story books and sincerely loved school. He simply loved to listen to his teachers teach and usually got actively involved in the lessons. He was a bright student and was also the class prefect. He always made sure the white board was wiped clean before a new lesson was started and always did his best to ensure that his mates did not make noise in the absence of a teacher in the classroom.

Teachers took a lot of interest in him. They found it difficult to understand how a little boy from a rich family will be this well behaved. It was not uncommon to find Chris greet teachers whenever he met any of them and offering to carry their books to the classroom.

Chris of cause had his share of fun and loved it. He would play with several of his friends in school during break time. He would also take interest in his friends who were from poor homes and would share his meals with them. His friends also loved him dearly and always enjoyed being in his company. Chris was simply an amazing kid. He seemed to have everything going for him.

One day the unexpected happened. This was a Monday afternoon. The driver of Chris`s father`s car was late in coming to pick up Chris. He had been delayed by heavy traffic. Many of Chris` mates left the school premises shortly after closing. While Chris was waiting by the school gate, two fierce looking men in dark glasses approached him. Before Chris could run back into the school yard, the men had caught up with him. They forced Chris onto their motorbike and took off.

Apparently, one of the teachers in the school who also had a motorbike saw the two men pick up Chris and heard his faint scream. By the time he rushed to the scene, the criminals had taken off. He quickly got onto his motorbike and followed after them. He made sure none of the men saw him follow them. The men took Chris to their hideout, an uncompleted building. They had planned to contact Chris` parents by phone and to demand some money for the release of their beloved one and only son.

Unknown to them, Chris` teacher had followed them to their hideout but had maintained a distance. He actually hid in a bush close by. Mr. Sarpong, Chris` teacher called the line of a Police patrol team in the locality. He explained everything to them and requested for their urgent assistance, describing to them the hide out of the criminals. Fortunately, the Police patrol team was quite close to where Chris had been taken.

In about thirty minutes, the police had surrounded the uncompleted building to the surprise of the kidnappers. The kidnappers tried to escape but luck was not on their side. They were arrested, handcuffed and taken to the police station. While all this was going on, Mr. Sarpong had called Chris` parent and narrated the entire incident to them. Mr. and Mrs. Agyapong rushed to the scene. They looked shocked, sad and happy at the same time. Chris` mother was in tears as he wrapped his arms around Chris` little body. It was a day neither Chris nor his parents ever forgot. Of cause they ensured that the kidnappers were brought before court and jailed. If ever Chris changed after his bad experience, it was for the better.

Many years later, Chris became an outstanding lawyer who was respected and loved by many. He defended the cause of the poor and the abused. He also set up a foundation to give scholarships to needy but brilliant students.


About the Author: I am a Ghana based freelance Christian Writer, editor and proofreader. I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theology from the University of Wales, United Kingdom and a Higher National Diploma in Marketing from Tamale Polytechnic, Ghana.

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