The Prisoner Returns – To Audio

The Prisoner Returns – To Audio

The cult 1960s TV series, The Prisoner, will soon be coming back as an audio series, according to an announcement by Big Finish Productions Ltd., which has inked a licensing deal for the series with ITV Studios Global Entertainment. Big Finish will be producing a series of audio dramas based on the original series using the latest in sound production technology and a new score composed for the series.

For those who are unfamiliar with the original TV series, a secret agent (Patrick McGoohan) resigns abruptly from MI6 one day in 1967 and wakes up the next day in The Village. A seemingly cheerful village, the agent’s new surroundings quickly reveal a sinister side. Referred to only as Number Six by the inhabitants of The Village, our protagonist finds himself locked in a battle of wills with Number Two, who appears to be in charge of the day to day operations of The Village – and tasked with finding out what led Number Six to resign.

Number Six resists Number Two’s attempts to break him and works to escape in the face of ever more bizarre and dangerous interrogation techniques by the mysterious people who run The Village and learn the identity of Number One. Number Six is never named in the series, but thought by many fans to be John Drake, the secret agent McGoohan portrayed on the preceding series Danger Man (Secret Agent in the US).

The Prisoner isn’t Big Finish Productions’ first foray into audio drama. The company is already well known for their BBC Radio 4, CD and electronic format Dr. Who audio dramas, which have run for more than 15 years. Big Finish also produces the popular audio dramas The Avengers, Dark Shadows, Sherlock Holmes, Survivors and The Omega Factor.

The company’s co-executive producer, Nicholas Briggs will head up The Prisoner as writer and director. He’s been part of Big Finish since its inception and has also won recognition for his work on the Doctor Who TV series, where he voices Daleks and other characters. Briggs also wrote and directed the BBC Audio Drama Award winning Doctor Who story Dark Eyes.

The Prisoner has yet to be cast, but Briggs has said that he hopes to push boundaries with the series rather than simply imitating what’s come before. Given his track record with other audio dramas, it’s fair to say that fans of The Prisoner have a lot to look forward to.

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