Zombie Apocalypse Z Series Is Here!

Zombies Ate My Neighbors, Friends & Family

Zombie Apocalypse Z: The First Wave – Book 1

A Normal Day Goes Horribly Wrong

Ross Black is an angry, misguided, high school student preparing to do something that will destroy his
life when the first wave of zombies attack. Sarah Frost is an autistic 11-year-old who is bitten by a zombie. Instead of becoming undead, she slowly becomes telepathic and possessed of knowledge she should not have. Aimee has come to the United States illegally only to find that her dream country has turned into a waking nightmare. Jack Frost is an army private who begins to realize that his bunkmates have a serious problem. And, who is Jonah – a delusional lunatic or the salvation of the human race?


Zombie Apocalypse Z: The Remaining – Book 2

It Only Gets Worse

The Hossiers are a family on the run, careening towards possible destruction just ahead of the undead horde. Uncle Carl, once shunned and ignored, comes into his own when fighting zombies. He can shoot any kind of gun, and his aim is true. Devastated and suicidal, Ross escapes his high school and joins up with 11-year-old Sarah, not knowing that she is destined to change his life. Aimee reluctantly follows Jonah as they race towards a future that will spell either salvation or the total destruction of humanity.

Zombie Apocalypse Z: The Remaining Avenge – Book 3

Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely

Zombies become the least of everybody’s problems as Major Dunfield has taken charge of the military and goes power-mad. Killing without conscience, he justifies all in the name of the New United States of America. When Jack Frost defies him and deserts, Dunfield goes on a personal crusade to hunt Jack down. His vendetta puts him on a collision course with Jonah, Sarah, Ross and Jack Frost as book 3 of the Zombie Apocalypse Z series comes to an shocking climax that irrevocably changes everything.

Zombie Apocalypse Z: The Collection

The Remaining versus The Undead

A motley band of unlikely heroes struggles to stay alive in a world irrevocably changed by a virus that unleashes the destruction of all humanity. Some live; some die, but they all fight to survive as everything they love is overrun by ravenous, zombie hordes.

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